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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Molasses Muffins

 I made this recipe from my Grandma's Fruit Bars (I will give the recipe soon) and they are a little different. These muffins have less molasses and no raisins (good for those who can't tolerate fruit). Molasses is sweet so you might need to cut sugar back in other recipes, I love recreating different recipes so please let me know if you changed anything and it worked for you. =) I really like to use wild friends nut butter  on my muffins for a power snack.

yield: one dozen muffins
cook time: 15-20min.
@ 400 degrees 

5 eggs
3 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
3 tablespoons molasses
1/4 C yogurt
1/2 C water
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons cinnamon
3 tablespoons coconut palm sugar
1/3 C coconut flour
2-3 carrots, shredded (optional)
1/2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees and line muffin tin(or oil it). In a medium size bowl(I suggest using a mixer) cream eggs and coconut oil together, then put molasses, yogurt, and water in with the eggs and oil. In a separate bowl mix the dry ingredients together. Add the carrots (optional). Add apple cider vinegar. Using an ice cream scoop, put a scoop into each lined cup. Bake for 15-20min. Enjoy!

Tip: one good way to tell if they are done is to gently push on the middle of the muffin, if it bounces back or doesn't leave a dent(just don't push to hard) it should be done.