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Potato Soup

 We originally found this recipe in a Vitamix ( www.surlatable.com ) recipe book, we made a few changes like adding broth (chicken stock),...

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Hi, I created this blog to share my recipes and discoveries. My hobbies are baking, photography, music (singing and piano), card making, horseback riding, and….. The list goes on. I started my grain free journey when I started to have breathing problems, especially around allergy season. I started the Gaps diet and it changed everything. I don’t have near as much trouble breathing now. I also started baking and experimenting and putting my own touches to different recipes. I can usually take a recipe made with grain and make it (drum roll) grain free! I get a little (okay, a lot) excited over grain free stuff. It’s awesome to make yummy things I don’t have to feel guilty eating. It might take time at first to get used to coconut flour (and adjusting recipes) but it is very rewarding when family members say they can’t tell its grain free! I splurge on grain once in a while and while I enjoy it, it’s not always worth it. I love Danielle Walker's Blog, Against All Grain